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My car rental Langkawi is one of the reliable car rental services in Langkawi. Furthermore, our networks in Langkawi can provide other services such as accommodation and tour packages.

Most of all we have various type of car, MPV and van to support our clients. Therefore, we always ensure that all vehicles are in good condition, clean and well maintained. In addition, we provide the reasonable price for budget tourist and family trip.

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We hope you will enjoy with us. Please do not hesitate to inform us if you have some good idea for us to increase our value and improve our support system in future.

We appreciate the recommendation and have a nice holiday in Langkawi. Rental rate here.


Langkawi has a lingering legend woven into its history. Ask anyone in Langkawi about the tragic legend of a beautiful young lady named Mahsuri, and you’ll hear a tale of love, jealousy and a curse that was placed the island by her for seven generations.

Today, the seventh generation of Langkawi’s inhabitants has long come and gone, but people here still believe that the prosperity and blessings the islands enjoy today and the passing of the curse is not a pure coincidence.

The mysticism of this legend can be felt in many parts of this.

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